(MOON SIGHTINGS) at times the moon, it seems to draw so close. a paper lantern veil that hangs above much closer than anything i’ve felt these days. and when the moon’s enormity draws dreadfully close, the moment is remarkable in countless ways. like its size, its closeness, and how it seems to disappear and reappear larger than before. but what’s even more remarkable about the moon at such a time is the likelihood that the same undeniable point in the sky is also seen by you. and if you see the moon at such a time, what do you think of?

(PARALLEL LINES) when it took root, it replaced the things you believed in with deafening negative space. to fill in the gnomon I paced along the dark floorboards, relying on ritual ways. the parallel lines have a way of staying side by side but always maintaining arm’s length. belly up into the night, I search for nerve endings, inverted queen hanging on tight. when the tide pulls back the waves and follows the anchor, my back rests with all that remain; the things that remain all the same are left behind taking the shape of things that never took place, the parallel lines of the walls of a house that we made.

the porcelain drains and my knees are revealed. islands emerge and I am unveiled an island again.

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